Earth Day 2007 (Apr 22, 2007)

The theme for Earth Day 2007 will be Stewardship-in-Action. Working Towards ...
  • Green Governance
  • Green Sacraments
  • Green Economics
  • Green Choices


Global: Inconvenient Truth, a movie by AL GORE.
(Understanding the Global Impact of Climate Change and its effects on the Philippines, Simultaneous Nationwide Screening)

Local: 7 Eco-Battles Campaign
(Peaceful, Collective and Sustained Action Against Earth Abuse)
  1. Battle for Clean Air
  2. Battle for Clean Water
  3. Battle for Water Security
  4. Battle for Sustainable Extraction
  5. Battle for Biodiversity Conservation
  6. Battle for Climate Change Reversal
  7. Battle for Garbage-Free Communities

Territory of Action: Local Watersheds all over the Philippines

Know Our Watershed Before We Act
By understanding our local watershed (its geographic boundaries, our activities, how land is used, and how this affects local bodies of water – and subsequently, our drinking water and health, food supply, and the well-being of the environment), we can identify the resources that have to be repaired, replaced, conserved and protected.

Battle Map: Philippine Atlas of Nature - Mapping Our Special Places.

Whatever environmental advocacy you are involved in, they all affect our watersheds. Please document your Happy and Sad Places in Nature through Photographs or Drawings, Maps, and Writing, and learn about your Local Watershed. More information is available at

Program Highlights
  • Green Army 7 ECO-BATTLES Teach-In Concert (Kayumangging Kagubatan). APRIL 22, 2007, Sunday, 7 pm
  • Simultaneous Nationwide Screening of AL GORE’s Inconvenient Truth Movie. Orig. DVD screening with support of United International Pictures (A Greenpeace Initiative) APRIL 22, 2007, Sunday, (Whole day)
  •  Earth Day Mass of the Angels, Pontifical Mass, His Eminence Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, Mass for and with Children, Children’s Choirs, Manila Cathedral. APRIL 21, 2007, Saturday, 12 NN
  • Ecological Solid Waste Management: Nationwide Search For Model Barangays, Awarding Ceremony, alacañang. APRIL 20, 2007, Friday