Organization Background


A healed planet with people living in harmony with all of creation


Stewardship in action

Integrated local action for environmental protection, conservation, and restoration


1. Work/cooperate/collaborate with the DENR, other government agencies, the church, private sector, NGO’s academe, and civil society in protecting and nurturing the environment.

2.Call nationwide attention to the state of the Philippine Environment.

3. Organize, catalyze, and integrate local actions for specific projects that heal our soil, water, air, and biodiversity for the common good.

4. Help communities empower themselves through their concerted action.

5. Act as launching base for green initiatives and campaigns requiring social mobilization of all sectors of society.


1. Earth Hour

Earth hour is an annual global event engaging the public to switch off lights for one hour to conserve energy as a way to combat climate change. In collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the Department of Energy (DOE), and the Siwth Movement, the Green Army Network Foiundation facilitates the conduct of Earth Hour Philippines since 2008.

For two years now, the Philippines ranked first in terms of public participation for this event.

2. Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual global event which aims to celebrate the beauty of nature and to promote awareness on environmental issues.

In 2007, the Green Army Network provided the secretariat for all the Earth Day-related activities, which includes among others: Sandiwang and  Earth Day Jam.  

Today, the Green Army continues to be a part of the Earth Day Network Philippines and supports all its related actvities.

4. The Green Philippine Highways Project, 2006 (A Collaboration Between the DENR, Mirant Foundation, and Green Army)

Over 516,000 seedlings of trees like narra, mahogany, acacia and banaba, covering a total of 2, 439 kms were planted throughout the major highways that cover the country, all done in 1 day (Aug. 25, 2006) More than 500,000 people supported and participated in this event

4. Trees For Life, 2007

Tree planting in various watersheds.