Report an Environmental Crime!

To report environmental crimes, complaints, or make inquiries to the Green Army, text your message to 5777 in the following format: GREEN SEND (your message) Example:  

green send illegal dumpsite operating in barangay Gulod Cabuyao, Laguna.

The Green Army TextCast allows the general public to report the following to the Green Army for immediate action:

Smoke Belching, Illegal logging/deforestation, Illegal disposal of waste, Poaching, All other environmental crimes

Beauties and the Bests for Earth's Sustainability

The "Beauties" are Ms. Jeanne Angeles Harn (Miss Philippines-Earth 2007), Ms. Anna Katrina Bautista (Ms. Philippines-Eco-Tourism 2007), and Ms. Catherine Untalan (Ms. Earth-Water 2006/3rd Placer, Ms Earth-International and Ms. Philippines-Earth 2006).

The "Bests" include the Miss Earth and Miss Philippines-Earth beauty pageants and the most noteworthy environment projects and activities for earth's sustainability that the winners of the pageants do.

Hear them in Kalikasan, Kaunlaran! (KK!) at DZRH-AM radio on May 7, 2008, Wednesday, at 7:30-8:30 PM. Directing and hosting the weekly radio program is Dr. Cora Claudio, President, EARTH Institute Asia, and member of the Board of Judges for Ms. Philippines-Earth 2008.

Miss Earth®, which started in 2001, is a beauty pageant "whose raison d'etre is to have its candidates and winners actively promote, and get involved in, the preservation of the environment and the protection of Mother Earth."

The winners of the pageant are required to participate actively in environmental information, education and communication projects and activities of the pageant and the Miss Earth Foundation in various Asian countries, such as, the Clean Air project in Vietnam and the Coastal Clean-up and the "I Love My Planet Earth" School Tour projects in the Philippines.

5K for Sustainability

The last week of October is the TOWNS (The Outstanding Women in the Nation's Service) Week by virtue of a Presidential Proclamation.

Kalikasan, Kaunlaran! (KK!) is contributing to the celebration of the TOWNS Week and the recognition of women's role in sustainable development  by starting the month of October with an episode featuring two past recipients of the TOWNS Award and some of the issues that they address, a sampler of the 5K (Kababaihan para sa Katauhan, Kalahatan, Kalikasan at Kaunlaran) issues that the TOWNS Foundation will focus on at a forthcoming seminar-workshop for a group of young women.

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